SpectroCoin Review: All-in-One Crypto Exchange Pros and Cons

SpectroCoin Review: All-in-One Crypto Exchange Pros and Cons

SprectroCoin Review. Since the months following the birth of the first cryptocurrencies, and primarily Bitcoin, professional platforms have sprung up intending to encourage the purchases and sales of digital currencies, thus making the investment operation in Bitcoin & co ever easier.

These platforms – which today we commonly call “exchanges” – have precisely this primary objective: to allow the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in a few simple steps and at very competitive economic conditions.

The SpectroCoin home page, one of the best exchanges available to us!

Of course, over time, the role of exchanges has evolved, so much so that today most of them also allow the opening of a wallet (that is, an electronic wallet of fundamental importance for the use of cryptocurrencies because it will enable keeping such currencies in it). In addition, they also offer other collateral services, such as leverage and margin investment, an education area, and so on.

In this context, SpectroCoin has been capturing our attention for years. Thanks to its innovative cryptocurrency exchange system, it has soon become one of the most used exchanges in the world.

So let’s get to know it a little better and ask ourselves what SpectroCoin has to offer us. Read our SpectroCoin Review!

SpectroCoin Review: what it is and how it works

SpectroCoin (here to visit its official website) is an exchange born in 2013 to provide a simple interface for trading cryptocurrencies, a good range of customizable features. It also offers excellent security and reliability terms, such as allowing this hybrid system (wallet & exchange) to stand out among the best in the world.

As a hybrid, this system makes it possible to simplify the purchase of cryptocurrency by eliminating the step requiring a third-party wallet to manage the crypto after having bought it on the exchange markets.

Therefore, as an increasing number of platforms of this type are doing, with SpectroCoin, you can do all the operations in a single service, from the purchase of the cryptocurrency to storage in your wallet, up to the subsequent sale.

It is, therefore, a considerable saving of time and energy, given that you will always have under control all the main features of your digital currency.

Is SpectroCoin safe or a scam?

Of course, before you can entrust your digital money (but with real value!) to an online platform, it is essential to make sure that this service is secure. Is this also the case with SpectroCoin? The answer is positive!

When we talk about SpectroCoin, we are talking about a broker with a long history, so much so that it is one of the first great innovators in this sector. In addition, it is a recognized and reliable company with a good reputation globally.

Again, remember that SpectroCoin makes use of the 2 Factor Authentication System, relying on Google Authenticator and other protected data to improve protection in every step of the transactions.

With its current London registered office, SpectroCoin (managed by Spectro Finance Ltd, an Anglo-Lithuanian company), also allows the withdrawal of traditional currency and cryptocurrency in over 150 countries worldwide. Again, it is possible through a particular expedient: your personal SpectroCoin Card, a debit card that we are sure you will want to apply for right away!

SpectroCoin Card: What is it?

The SpectroCoin card (you can discover it here!) is a handy payment tool created to be able to build a “bridge” between cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies through:

  • the withdrawal of money from any ATM (in the 150 countries that allow it);
  • payment at authorized retail stores;
  • verification of a PayPal account (by inserting the card like any Visa prepaid card!).

In short, if you have always wondered how you can use the cryptocurrencies in your wallet and would have liked to convert them into euros and withdraw them from the ATM near your home, the SpectroCoin card is just the ideal tool.

Spectrocoin Review: prepaid card

The SpectroCoin prepaid card is a great way to use your cryptocurrencies in the real economy.

Currently, the card supports three physical currencies, and it is, therefore, possible to set as the base currency both the euro (EUR), the US dollar (USD), and the British pound (GBP).

Once the account has been opened and requested, the physical card is sent free of charge to your home within a few days. Its digital version (which you can immediately use for electronic payments online) is directly inserted into your account data.

Here is how much the SpectroCoin card costs:

cost of issues

  • one: 7 euros;
  • activation fee: FREE;
  • monthly fee: 1.15 euros;
  • top up the card via wallet: FREE;
  • money withdrawal in Europe: 1 euro + 0.5% of the amount withdrawn;
  • use of the card in stores via POS: FREE;

As for the limits, we remind you that:

  • it is possible to have only one card per account;
  • the maximum credit card balance is 8,000 euros;
  • the limit for online and POS transactions is € 7,700;
  • the limit for withdrawals from the ATM is 300 euros;
  • you must load the card balance with at least 10 euros.

For the rest, this SpectroCoin Bankera card is a great product!

Click here to access the SpectroCoin website and request the card now!

SpectroCoin Review: Cryptocurrencies

But what are the cryptocurrencies that you can buy or sell with SpectroCoin?

Again, we have good news. While this exchange certainly doesn’t have the most extensive list of tradable digital currencies globally, it includes all the significant cryptocurrencies by transaction volume and some attractive emerging currencies.

The list includes:

Of course, Spectrcoin also supports the euro, the dollar, the British pound, and other traditional currencies.

SpectroCoin Bankera

A few lines ago, we talked about this exchange referring to SpectroCoin Bankera. But what is it?

Bankera is a Lithuanian digital bank that is instead growing in its country and internationally, able to grant its services to individuals and companies in Italy, with the availability of accounts that you can manage directly from your smartphone.

With a background of skills of this type, SpectroCoin can only represent a “cryptocurrency” operating arm that you cannot do without!

Click here to take a look at the official SpectroCoin website!

SpectroCoin Wallet

As we already mentioned, when we talk about SpectroCoin, we are talking about an exchange that offers a hybrid service. Within its platform (also accessible via smartphone and tablet with the SpectroCoin app), you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and store them in the wallet that the exchange offers you.
spectrocoin wallet available
With SpectroCoin, we can manage our cryptocurrencies via smartphone thanks to an excellent mobile wallet.

Thanks to the wallet that the company offers you, you can store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, and Dash, using secure and encrypted procedures. In addition, you can manage your wallet by transferring cryptocurrencies elsewhere to other wallets or selling them at any time.

The mobile wallet is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded free from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. It will be instantly matched to your account and further improve your ability to manage your digital funds.

You can learn more on the official website.

SpectroCoin Registration: how to open an account and log in?

Opening an account on SpectroCoin can be done through a few simple steps:

The first thing you need to do is connect to the official SpectroCoin website by clicking here and select the Login area.

Then, enter your essential data, i.e., e-mail and password, and confirm by clicking Sign-in. If you want to speed up the registration phase further, you can access the exchange using your Facebook or Google data.

Then wait for the confirmation email with the link to click and complete the registration (do not worry, it will take a few minutes!).

Once you have registered, you can log in to SpectroCoin in the same way. You need to access the official website here, enter the user and password chosen when opening the account, and possibly modified later.

SpectroCoin deposits and withdrawals

SpectroCoin offers you many ways to make deposits to your account. Below we wanted to summarize which channels are available and which are the limits and costs of each of them:

  • Mastercard cards: limit of € 2,500, a commission of 5.50% with a minimum of € 1.50;
  • Maestro cards: limit of € 2,500, a commission of 5.50% with a minimum of € 1.50;
  • Visa card: limit of 2,500 euros, a commission of 5.50% with a minimum of 1.50 euros;
  • VPay card: limit of 2,500 euros, a commission of 5.50% with a minimum of 1.50 euros;
  • bank transfer: limit of 100,000 euros, no commissions from the exchange (you can receive commissions directly in your bank);
  • Neteller: € 1,900 limit, 5.00% commission with a minimum of € 1.00;
  • Skrill: € 5,000 limit, 3.50% commission with a minimum of € 1.00;
  • Payeer: limit of 500 euros, a commission of 20.00% with a minimum of 1.00 euros;
  • Perfect Money: € 2,000 limit, 7.00% commission.
  • deposits and withdrawals spectrocoinSpectroCoin provides us with the best tools to withdraw and deposit money.

As for SpectroCoin withdrawals, you can use:

  • Skrill: limit of 5,000 euros, a commission of 2.00% with a minimum of 1.00 euros;
  • bank transfer: limit of 100,000 euros, a commission of 1.50 euros;
  • Payeer: limit of 3,000 euros, a commission of 5.00% with a minimum of 1.00 euros;
  • Perfect Money: € 15,000 limit, 1.00% commission with a minimum of € 1.00.

For more information, visit the official website.

Spectrocoin Review: how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies the easy way

Now you have a lot of information to guide your trading on SpectroCoin. But, first, let’s try to understand how you can make your first trades in seconds!

To purchase cryptocurrencies will be necessary to use the “EXCHANGE” menu in its two components:

Pay Currency: it is the default currency, the one you want to convert with cryptocurrencies (for example, euros);
Receive Currency: The cryptocurrency you want to buy in exchange for the Pay Currency, selectable between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, or Nem.

Once you identiboth the starting and the destination currency have been identified, you will need to indicate how many euros you want to use in operation, manually showing the amount in the box next to Pay Currency. In the alternative, you can select the option Use All if you’re going to convert the entire amount.

The cryptocurrency equivalent will be automatically converted; by doing so, you will get the Bitcoins or the currency you have chosen.

It is also possible to carry out the internal exchange between the various cryptocurrencies and carry it out at a reasonably advantageous rate (about 3%) compared to other platforms.

Through the SpectroCoin wallet, it is also possible to send cryptocurrency to other wallets. It is necessary to select “WITHDRAW” from the same menu to do this, and choose, for example, “Withdraw Bitcoin” or “Withdraw Ethereum,” then moving the selected currency entity to the wallet of our choice, using the transfer address.

SpectroCoin Assistance

SpectroCoin is an exchange, which will allow you to carry out all the desired transactions of cryptocurrencies quickly and effectively.

However, if you need to resort to its customer support, know that SpectroCoin has very qualified customer care, which will undoubtedly satisfy your requests.

The only flaw: it is only available in English. Therefore, you will need to have at least a minimum familiarity with this language to talk to the customer service.

You have many ways to contact SpectroCoin customer support, including the live chat that you can activate from the special icon found on each site page, in its lower part, and on the right.

Or, access the Contact section, where you can:

fill in the online form with your data;
send an email to helpdesk@spectrocoin.com;
call +44 20 3769 5474.

SpectroCoin Opinions

SpectroCoin (click here to visit the site) immediately proved to be an agile, innovative, and at the same time excellent exchange. It has also proved to be very convincing even on the market, and the exceeding of the 700,000 customer threshold is proof of this, with significant numbers given its relative youth.

The recent partnership with Bankera (we talked about it just now) is also interesting, demonstrating the innovative drive and quality, which have always been SpectroCoin’s main business cards.

It is certainly no coincidence that there are many positive comments in the various specialized forums and social platforms regarding the seriousness of this exchange, its speed, and its convenience.

In short, there is nothing left to do but experience it.