Where and How to buy Buy Dogecoin Cryptocurrency [2021]

Where and How to buy Buy Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that cyclically returns to the fore, driven by pump & dump and the strength of the Internet. Today we can find it on different exchanges, through which we can buy it and sell it.

Cryptoshameless has prepared a complete guide to buy, which will allow us to identify the most solid intermediaries to buy DOGE, those safe and reliable exchanges that also offer the best conditions for this type of operation. We will also talk about the requirements, from the device to the payment method.

In reality, buying Dogecoin is simple. We can do it easily by following, step by step, what we recommend in this guide, even if we have never done operations of this type on cryptocurrencies.

The only thing we need to know is the intermediary to whom we should contact. But also for this specific aspect, our site has prepared a little help for its readers.

How to buy Dogecoin (DOGE) – Main features:

💰 How much it costs: Commissions depending on the volume (up to 2/3%)
🤔It’s safe: Yes, if you use quality exchanges
🥇Best platforms: Best exchanges to buy Doge
👶 Difficulty level: Medium / Low

Buying Dogecoin (DOGE): What do you need to get started?

Dogecoin is considered the only one of its kind, a meme coin or a crypto token born more for fun than to establish itself on the market. However, given the great movement of interest around it, the results are as unpredictable as they are satisfactory for those who manage to enter the market now.

There are several exchanges – one of the best is Kraken – that list it, and to start buying DOGE too, we won’t need to meet complicated requirements. Those who are reading this guide already have everything they need to buy Cryptocurrency and specifically Dogecoin.

Exchange as an intermediary

To buy Dogecoin directly, we need an exchange or one of the many exchanges that exchange cryptocurrencies against standard currencies. As we have just stated, in reality, many exchanges also offer Doge on the list. However, not all are of the same quality, and not all offer the same guarantees for those who want to buy in maximum safety.

We have also prepared this guide to identify the best intermediaries that allow us to buy Doge in the best conditions, without risk and protecting all our types of purchases. And that they also offer, as we will see later, a wallet for the safekeeping of the cryptocurrencies.

A payment method

Buying Dogecoin means exchanging them, in our case, against Euro. And we will therefore have to have a payment method available to use online. The main alternatives offered by the world of exchanges are the payment card, or the bank transfer, with which to deposit sums in our account and then buy cryptocurrencies.

When to choose the card: we can select the card when we want to buy DOGE quickly, with an instant market intervention. The card transfers the funds immediately and allows us to operate without any waiting.

Why not always choose it then? Because the card has potentially significant costs associated with it. You pay as a percentage, and the average proposed by the exchanges is about 2%.

When we choose the bank transfer: when we want to save on commissions. Because precisely with the transfer you do not pay anything. All the amount that we will transfer will be available at the exchange. However, it is not convenient for those who want to buy without waiting long and intervening on the market instantly.

The choice between the two different payment methods is always about speed versus cost. The more momentum we want, the more we will have to pay. If we have already planned our purchase, it doesn’t make sense to proceed with the card. And let’s also remember that we can also use the money we will pay to the exchange to buy other cryptocurrencies.

PC or Smartphone is more than enough

All exchanges are freely accessible via the Internet. We won’t need to turn to particular devices or networks.  And those who prefer to operate via Smartphone can use the Apps that these exchange centers make available to anyone and free of charge.

Apps are available at the official stores, both for iOS and those who use Android. Without additional costs and with all the features that we can also find on the exchange website. In terms of devices, we don’t need specific requirements or cutting-edge devices.

The account to buy and sell

Registration is required for all exchanges. Or rather, it is provided for all of them that operate in compliance with the law. Thus, we will have to register first and then check, in compliance with the KYC regulations that intervene in any exchange of money, physical or virtual.

All the best exchanges today offer the possibility to register without significant problems: in a few minutes, we will be operational after providing an identification document, whether a driving license, passport, or even an identity card.

Once these documents have been submitted, we will be ready to activate on the exchange and proceed with our first purchase of DOGE – or another cryptocurrency.

It is also necessary to avoid relying on exchanges that do not require registration and verification of documents. Because in that case, it would exchange that operate contra law – that is, without respecting what the rules need today. And we don’t think entrusting your money to an illegal trader is a good idea.

How to buy Dogecoin (DOGE)

It’s easy to buy Dogecoin today. It only takes a few steps and a few minutes of application to reach the market, even if we have never done operations of this type. First, we will need to write to an exchange, sign up and then verify ourselves. Once our account has been activated, we will buy Dogecoin by choosing them from the relative menus.

How to open an account on the exchange

It is an elementary step. First, we will have to select the exchange that best suits us – we will indicate several later in our guide. Then, after signing up with our email address, we will need to verify our identity and activate the account.

After obtaining the registration and after verifying, we will be able to proceed with the order. Then, we add our card or transfer to the exchange, we await the credit, and we will be ready to place our first Dogecoin order.

Select Dogecoin

Recall that each exchange deals between tens and hundreds of cryptocurrencies from the same screen and the same market. However, all offer a simplified ordering method, through which it will be straightforward to select Dogecoin and proceed with the final order.

In the order screens, we will always be able to change the Cryptocurrency with which we will have decided to operate. Remember that the purchase is final and cannot be reversed at the same market price. If we accidentally buy another cryptocurrency other than Dogecoin, we will have to sell it and proceed with a new purchase.

What happens to the order

He takes care of the entire exchange. After transferring our money, the exchange will take care of transferring the Dogecoins to our wallet. At any time, we will have access to our wallet, through which we can send the Doge or to an external wallet, or even resell them to obtain, hopefully, a profit at market prices.

The procedure is identical – and very simple – regardless of which exchange we are going to use. So, once again, we invite those who have never operated with this type of exchange to remain calm. It’s all effortless, as we can demonstrate in our trial order.

A practical example of Dogecoin DOGE purchase – order simulation

We will proceed with a trial order, in this case, using the Kraken exchange, one of the best in the world and one that also offers Dogecoin in the best conditions. It is not difficult to use and is designed to offer even the most inexperienced the possibility to buy Dogecoin safely and with certain intuitiveness.

Open an account on Kraken

Open an account with Kraken


The first step is to open an account on Kraken, a necessary step because, being a legal intermediary, he must identify us before making us proceed with the order. We follow the link we have just provided and then create an account at the top right. The site will automatically take us to the registration page, which will allow us to complete the procedure.

We enter an email address to which we have access to the screen – it will be the one that Kraken will use to send us the activation email. We also insert a very secure password: according to the standards of this exchange, we will need a string of at least 12 characters and which also has an internal if
punctuation mark and a number.

The password must be noted separately – or saved via the browser. We also click on I am not a Robot and then proceed with Create Account.

Activation by email

We have specified above that we will have to use a valid email account because Kraken will send us the activation email to this address. Once the email arrives, we can copy the code on the page or directly click on the link. Both ways will allow us to continue with the process of registration.

Verify identity

As we have already mentioned, Kraken is committed to providing us with a safe and legal environment. To do this, he needs to verify our identity, as required by the laws. Therefore, it will be necessary to forward a photo of a document, whether it is a driving license, an identity card, or even a passport. Kraken accepts all the above documents.

We will then also have to confirm our name, surname, residential address, and telephone number on the screen. We must enter even these data with the utmost care because Kraken and, above all, will verify them. After all, by telephone, we will sometimes receive the codes to enter the site.

How long it takes: Verification takes place unless there are many registrations to be disposed of over a few minutes. Upon completion of the verification, we will receive a confirmation email from Kraken. Upon receipt, we will be able to proceed with the next step or with the order to purchase Dogecoin.

Buy DOGE: place the order

We have completed the registration phase and will now be able to order. Nothing simpler. But first, let’s make sure you provide Kraken with a valid payment method. The cheaper alternative is the bank transfer, which Kraken also accepts instantly, as long as our bank supports it.

Let’s go to Payments, then click on Deposit, which we find next to the euro symbol. We choose the transfer method, write down the IBAN and proceed with the payment. Alternatively, there will always be a payment card that you can use. Kraken supports all primary circuits: VISA, Visa Electron, Mastercard.

When we have also entered our payment method, we can proceed by clicking BUY CRYPTO on the main page. We will now be able to choose from the order screen both the volume of money to invest and the Cryptocurrency to buy. We prefer Dogecoin from the drop-down menu (perhaps helping us with the search), select our payment method, and click on Purchase Preview.

It doesn’t take long to complete our order. Then, we confirm, and in a few seconds, we will have the Dogecoins in our wallet or wallet, if you prefer.

Where to buy Dogecoin? Best recommended platforms


Kraken is, in our opinion, the best exchange we can use to buy Doge. It offers excellent security and has an excellent reputation, which it has built over the years of activity. So those who are afraid of paying online or in any case of meeting non-transparent subjects can put their worries aside and trust, with their eyes closed, what is offered by Kraken.

We have also seen together that today Kraken is straightforward to use: it was the exchange of the example above, and in a few minutes, it allows us to be operational on this Cryptocurrency, as well as the other dozen that are available for direct purchase.

Kraken supports wire transfers, fast wire transfers, and all principal payment, credit, debit, or rechargeable cards, to offer its customers full support for cheap and fast transfers. Few offer so much in terms of payment options.

Here we can open an account with Kraken – available at no cost and with no fixed commissions to pay. We will only pay a small transaction fee with minimal impact.


For us, one of the best. Stratospheric in functionality, Dogecoin has always supported, also in exchange with other cryptocurrencies. Overall, hundreds of cryptocurrencies are available, also accessible through an interface similar to those of brokers.

The Binance exchange is also a very secure, technologically advanced exchange that is making a fundamental transition to a decentralized, safer, and cheaper exchange
to use. So overall we are facing a significant exchange, technologically ahead of the competition as well.

With Binance, buying Dogecoin is quick and painless. All we need to do is open an account, and in a few minutes, we can start buying Dogecoin, either with our card or by bank transfer.


Although certainly less known than the other two, BitPanda can also be an excellent exchange for Dogecoin. The conditions applied are, in fact, the best, especially in terms of access methods and commissions charged upon purchase.

Very convenient, although perhaps less structured than those already mentioned. A choice may be a bit particular, but still very valid for those who have today’s primary interest to buy Dogecoin and the other dozens of excellent coins always available on the BitPanda platform.

Opening an account with BitPanda is straightforward: the procedure is similar to what we have already seen with the others. It will be enough to verify, and in a few minutes, we will be able to start buying Doge, both with the card and through payments by bank transfer.

Is it worth buying Dogecoin DOGE now?

In reality, it is not easy, even for the experts of Cryptocurrency., to answer this question. It is because Dogecoin has always had a very particular and decidedly different spirit from other cryptocurrencies.

Born as a joke and without anyone having bet 1 euro on its survival more than seven years later, today Dogecoin is worth several billion in capitalization. It continues to be at the center of movements, both speculative and for fun.

Instability as a key to its existence

The first thing to emphasize is that there has always been a great deal of instability at the center of Dogecoin’s life. The instability affects the price, but also the duration of positive and negative trends. Dogecoin, when pushed by different groups, manages to multiply its value within a few days.

You can lose a large part of the income acquired in the same period. Therefore, those looking for a stable cryptocurrency should look elsewhere and consider the many other opportunities that the crypto market can offer today.

Long-term forecasts challenging to analyze

Predictions on Dogecoin are always complicated to make and to confirm because precisely the Cryptocurrency in question does not have an intrinsic value and therefore is exposed more frequently to moments of significant boost, followed by equally essential crashes.

Evaluating where this Cryptocurrency can be in the future is not at all simple – and for the moment, everything would suggest that it will be destined to return to the ranks on prices more suited to its practical use in the medium and long term.

Technology ok, but not impactful

Dogecoin allows payments that are quick – and much cheaper than Bitcoin. However, this will not be the technology that will enable it to emerge in the long term. Many alternative projects do the same thing and are not subject to the considerable price variation that instead involves Doge. Therefore, focusing on the commercial affirmation of this Cryptocurrency would not seem, at least for the moment, a good idea.

Elon Musk’s game

Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has already shown (with $ 1.5 billion) that he strongly believes in the queen of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin. However, he has always been a great fan of Dogecoin and sponsors it when and how he can.

Often a tweet from Musk can trigger very positive cycles for DOGE. Following Musk on Twitter is a must for anyone trading this Cryptocurrency. However, announcements of him don’t always automatically mean a Doge rally.

Final remarks

Dogecoin is a sui generis cryptocurrency with a unique history and potential devastative in the short term. In this guide, we have analyzed all the tools and intermediaries that allow us to buy DOGE in the best possible way. That is, spending as little as possible while enjoying the best facilities and the most significant safety.

On the convenience of buying Dogecoin today or not, we report to the many guides already on our site and that deal with a complex topic, such as the correct quotation of Doge, in detail. It is a stimulating adventure that presents essential risks that we must constantly evaluate before taking a definitive position.

FAQ How to buy Dogecoin: frequently asked questions

What intermediaries can we use to buy Dogecoin?

Exchanges are the best intermediary category we can use to buy Dogecoin. They offer direct access and low commissions and always take care of the custody in unique wallets. In our guide, we have reported the three best exchanges to buy Doge today.

Is buying Dogecoin difficult?

Not. It is not difficult, and we demonstrate it extensively in the course of our guide, for which we also provide a proof of purchase, lasting a few minutes, with one of the exchanges reported by us. So everyone can buy Doge today without any problems.

Is buying Dogecoin risky?

Suppose we choose the best exchanges for DogeCoin not. We have reported three different ones in our guide, and all of them offer maximum security conditions for our transactions. However, the risks for those who buy to speculate are various. In that case, we will have to evaluate our purchase, analyzing the market before making our entry.

How many commissions do you have to pay to buy Dogecoin?

It depends on the payment method used. We can use a bank transfer, which is unrestricted, or a credit, debit, or prepaid card, which can provide commissions up to 2-3% depending on the exchange. The exchanges that we have chosen in our guide allow us to save compared to the average.

Is it worth buying Dogecoin today?

In the short term, the uptrend could continue. However, for longer-term assessments, we recommend that you investigate with our guide, where we highlight strengths and any critical issues that may concern Dogecoin and its prospects.