Shiba Inu: What is it, Where and How to Buy Shiba Coin

How can we buy Shiba Inu Coin? How should we go about acquiring $ SHIB tokens and putting them in our wallets? Shiba Coin remains one of the most attractive emerging projects (meme tokens) even for investors – and in this in-depth study, we will focus on evaluating the best exchanges that offer the Shiba INU token.

As our readers will know, a token is decidedly new, but it has already conquered the lists of the best exchanges. Moreover, despite many considering it a meteor, it has denied the most skepticism about its market performance.

How to buy Shiba Token ($ SHIB) – Main features:

💰 How much it costs: Commissions according to volume – 0.1% for the purchase – commissions up to 1.8% for credit or payment cards
🤔It is safe: Yes, using legal and safe exchanges, recommended by our editorial staff
🥇Best platforms: Best exchanges to buy SHIB
👶 Difficulty level: Medium / Low

Shiba Token is a meme token, but that is not necessarily why it should be considered a series B crypto token. And we understand very well our readers who are interested in buying it.

Buying Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB): What Do You Need to Get Started?

The world of cryptocurrencies has evolved a lot in recent months – and also, thanks to the commitment of significant intermediaries, it is accessible to everyone today. As a result, the requirements to buy SHIB are few – and within everyone’s reach. Or rather, within reach of all those who are reading this in-depth study. You don’t need powerful computers or phones, you don’t need a lot of money, and you don’t need a great deal of computer knowledge. But let’s proceed in order.

Relying on an exchange to buy Shiba Token

In this guide, we will rely on various exchanges to buy Shiba Inu for reasons that will become clearer in the study. Businesses play the role of intermediaries, ensuring both sides of the deal are safe.

We can move on to SHIB independently, agreeing with those in their portfolio and proceeding with a free payment. However, although SHIBARMY is one of the most solid, open, and honest communities in the world of cryptocurrencies, there is always the risk of encountering some clever ones. And therefore resorting to exchanges is a preferable option because, in exchange for a still reduced commission, we will have the certainty of a transaction that will be successful.

Requirements for purchasing Shiba Token

The requirements are minimal: an exchange, a PC, and a card.

From your computer or even your smartphone

We can freely enter exchanges to buy Shiba Token both with a PC and with a smartphone, or even with a tablet. The modalities of access to businesses are the most disparate. And the sites and apps are designed to be used by any device.

We don’t have to be hyper-technological – the device we are using will be enough to read this guide to buy and sell Shiba Token without any difficulty.

Choose a payment method.

Payment at exchanges must be digital in any form. The main alternatives we have available today are cards – including prepaid cards – or bank transfers. Both methods are accepted by the vast majority of exchanges and allow us to operate with low commissions, even if different from each other.

The difference between these two methods is that payment by bank transfer generally does not require commissions, while the various exchanges charge variable commissions on the cards. The second method is, on average, much more expensive, but it guarantees us the possibility of making immediate purchases. We will have to wait for the credit and move accordingly with the bank transfer, with some exceptions.

Internet connection: you won’t need anything ultra-fast

You won’t need an ultra-fast connection to buy SHIB. Whatever type of connection we are using to read this guide is more than enough. In direct-purchase mode, exchanges keep the price locked for several seconds, so you can trade even if you can’t be very fast.

This requirement is also straightforward to comply with and shouldn’t be a hindrance to anyone. Also, the connection we have on our smartphones is more than enough to buy or sell SHIB when the time comes.

How to buy Shiba Token (SHIB)

After analyzing the requirements necessary to buy SHIB, we can formalize the practical steps to acquire them and insert them into our hardware wallet.

Choose an exchange – it must be of quality.

We must always start with choosing a good cryptocurrency exchange. Today, many sites offer access to Shiba Inu Coin, but you must make this selection carefully. First, starting from the security and general quality of the exchange, then moving on to costs and ease of use.

No, relying on the first one that comes along, thinking you are getting a good deal, is generally the perfect recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, few scam agents pretend to be quality exchanges and instead have been set up precisely to scam users. Those who do not know how to orient themselves in the exchange market will still find everything they need to start buying and selling Shiba Token in safety and freedom at the bottom of our guide. According to what factors do we indicate the best exchanges for Shiba Inu Token?

Solidity and safety must be demonstrated by a multi-year presence on the market, equally solid accounts, and a perfect curriculum. Only those intermediaries who respond positively to these requests end up in our list of recommended exchanges.

Access to SHIB is a matter of absolute importance because it will not be possible to proceed with the purchase without Shiba having already been listed. However, we are pretty lucky in this sense because many top-tier intermediaries have already listed precisely the token in question.

The payment method: exchanges now accept any card or bank

As for the payment method, our choice will be between having the money immediately available – and in this case, we will have to rely on the card or have fewer commissions, and in the latter case, the transfer will be the best way to go.

What cards are accepted by exchanges? All without distinction. Prepaid, debit, credit. As long as they are enabled for online payment, we can use them without problems with all the best exchanges to buy Shiba.

As for the transfer, some banks continue to give problems for payments to exchanges. In that case, we will have to go to another institution, even if the circumstances are now increasingly rare.

Legal platforms today must apply for registration.

And as annoying as it may be – or experienced as an undue invasion of one’s privacy, it is something we will have to deal with. The European law in this regard is quite clear: exchanges must identify their customers using a document.

When the exchange we have chosen asks us for a photo of our passport or our identity card or driving license, we can be sure that we have a business in front of us that operates by the law.

A nuisance for us, but at the same time a great guarantee, because we will be sure to have in front of an exchange to buy Shiba that operates according to the fees that are established by law. Rents exist mainly to protect us investors or small savers who want to venture into the world of SHIB.

The hardware wallet is not required.

Any hardware wallet that offers access to the world of Ethereum standard tokens is more than enough for those who want to buy SHIB and take it out of exchanges.

This solution is the safest of all, but it is not the only one. We will be able to use any virtual wallet always offered for the same standards, or, if we are looking for something even simpler, use what is provided directly by the exchange. Of course, the fundamental maxim of Not your Keys, Not your Coins remains, but for those who have no desire to learn how to use this type of tools – and at the same time are not investing huge capital, the solution offered by a good exchange may be more than enough.

A practical example of Shiba Token purchase

For those who are not very familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies and purchases, we will proceed with a step-by-step guide, starting from registering at the exchange until the purchase is closed. But, first, we will do it with Coinbase (here for the official website), an intermediary that was the first to offer SHIB to its customers.

Today’s intermediary offers coIdeal conditions to start trading cryptocurrencies in terms of security, reliability, and simplicity.

First step: let’s register on Coinbase

All exchanges that operate legally in Europe must take care to register us and also to verify our identity. It is also valid for CB. Let’s open an account on Coinbase (following this link). We will be presented with the first page of the registration process. We will have to enter our name and surname and add an e-mail address and a password.

We avoid registering with a false name or with an unreachable mailbox. Coinbase will verify these details during our second registration phase. As for the password, it will always be recoverable through our e-mail address.

Click on Create Account to go to the next step, where we will have to enter other data, such as our mobile phone number, to receive the security code for login.

Second step: identity verification

It is a necessary step for the current KYC rules for all financial intermediaries. Coinbase is quite flexible in this regard and allows us to identify ourselves with a driving license, or with an identity card, or even with a passport.

The second screen will be helpful to verify these aspects. First, we will insert a simple photo of our documents, which the Coinbase staff will immediately prove to activate our account. Then, we confirm all our general information and move on to the next point of the guide.

Third step: the payment method

Coinbase’s incredible flexibility is also present in terms of payment methods. We can proceed by choosing both the bank transfer and a card. First, let’s go to Settings. From here, we choose the Payment Method section and then click on Add a payment method. Here we will be able to obtain the details for a possible bank transfer – or enter the details of our card for direct purchase.

In the future, we will also be able to alternatively use the two different payment methods, according to our urgency and our specific needs. However, operating with a bank transfer is, on average cheaper.

Fourth step: we place our order

We are almost at the end of our order on Coinbase. We click on the main page on buy, and from the menu, we choose how much money we would like to invest. We also select Coin USD under Buy, choose the payment method, and have the summary screen in front of us. We confirm the summary, and it will immediately transfer the tokens to our internal wallet. We switched from Tether because, at least for the moment, we will have to change from the Pro platform to access SHIB; it will not be possible to proceed with the direct purchase.

Fifth step: log into Pro and buy SHIB

We will have to select the Pro platform to buy Shiba, choose the left column, and indicate SHIB. Then, we show the amount of Tether we would like to place on the market and then click Place Buy order. It will transfer the tokens to our account.

Where to buy Shiba Token? 🥇 Best recommended platforms

As we already announced at the beginning of our in-depth analysis, we would have offered our readers everything they need, even for choosing the best exchanges to operate on this specific market.

Our selection includes those exchanges that already consider Shiba an asset to be included among the best. Therefore, in addition to the theoretical quality, we compare the practical quality because only in this way can we be mathematically certain of what we have in front of us.


Coinbase was among the first exchanges to support Shiba Token, a move that left many operators stunned, given the importance of this exchange in the global cryptocurrency landscape. It has become trendy also because it recently went public on the NASDAQ, becoming the first-ever to participate in such a meaningful stock exchange.

Coinbase offers direct purchase of ShibaToken, which we can access by bank transfer or card, accompanied by a Pro service, or a dex through which we can quickly exchange $ SHIB against Euro or dollar or even against other cryptocurrencies, with much lower commissions.

An exchange, this, perfectly legal and at the highest possible levels of security. We can open a free account in a few minutes, as demonstrated in our section dedicated to practical order step by step. Even for the verification, we will need only a few minutes before being fully operational.

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Binance is the second of the exchanges that immediately or almost listed Shiba Token on their list. A business that has always been particularly attentive to the news coming from the world of cryptocurrencies and that did not miss a meme token of incredible strength, which it constantly demonstrates on the markets every day.

Binance is one of the most exciting exchanges in terms of commissions: by operating on its rapid exchange, we will pay very little even if we want to do short and very short-term trading on this token.

Also, in this case, opening a demo account is quick and easy, and we will only need a few minutes to start shopping in the world of $ SHIB. We can then hold the currency on the wallet offered by this exchange or even move it to our foreign wallet.

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Is it worth buying Shiba Inu Token now?

SHIB is one of the most discussed tokens of recent months and one of the most incredible, for a whole series of reasons that we will explain in this section of our guide. So the short answer is yes: right now, it is worth buying the Shiba Coin token. Now we will see the reason for our strongly favorable position on the project.

The community is the strongest in the cryptocurrency world.

The community that gravitates around Shiba Token, the so-called SHIBARMY, is among the most lively, fun, and open in the world of cryptocurrencies. A society that has been the real strength of this project and that continues to support its value.

Cases like Dogecoin have taught us that we are faced with a factor as important as the technological one – because cryptocurrencies also live on hype and adoption, which does not always depend on a technological revolution intrinsic to the token.

The path can only be downhill.

After its unveiling – and pending major news like ShibaSwap, the token went through some difficult moments, which would have killed any other project in the bud. However, if we want, ideally lower, we are at the moment with the highly anticipated novelties that will soon arrive on the market that will quickly raise the price.

The eventual arrival on the market of ShibaSwap, an AMM based on Shiba Token, would also bring the price skyrocketing in a few days and too much higher levels than the current ones. And this would be just one of the innovations that would change the future of the project forever.

Many exchanges and quality intermediaries have already listed it.

It signals that we are not facing a meteor, but a project that even intermediaries of the caliber of Coinbase believe to be of a level. We do not remember, at least in our memory, tokens that have established themselves (among other things independently) with this level of speed.

And soon, Shiba Coin could arrive on equally prestigious stages, bringing the price even higher. Then, as happened in the previous quotations, investors discussing daily something could lead the token to a new bull run.

It will sooner or later weaken the competition.

We have seen all kinds of them in recent months, both with a doge and dog theme and with a piece of other animals. The fact is that the most solid of the projects in the field of meme tokens would seem to be Shiba Token, which continues to maintain essential values ​​in terms of market cap.

A market cap that still has the chance to grow and at least return to those historic highs of a few months ago. Instead, we doubt that more direct competition will show such a fiber.

FAQ on How to buy Shiba Coin: frequently asked questions and answers

What are the best exchanges to buy Shiba Token?

There are several excellent quality exchanges to buy SHIB. Coinbase (here for a free account) listed it among the first, discussing undoubted popularity and quality, which offers maximum security. Alternatively, we also have Binance (here to open an account), which provides an excellent environment for our operations.

How much commission do you pay to buy SHIB?

The costs are variable and depend on both the exchange and the payment method we will choose. The card is the most expensive, which forces us to pay commissions that can reach approximately 1.8%. With a bank transfer, you generally pay much less.

Is it challenging to buy Shib tokens?

No – and it isn’t even if this were to be our first time buying cryptocurrencies. Our guide also indicates a step-by-step path to start from registration up to the final purchase of SHIB.

Is it worth buying Shiba Inu Token now?

Circumstances seem to be quite favorable for Shiba Token, and this could be a great time to shop for the future, mainly if it is long-term. You can easily insert ships into wallets that are more biased towards classic cryptocurrencies.

Is buying Shiba Coin risky?

No, buying Shiba Inu Coin is not risky at all. We will have to take care to choose only those intermediaries who can allow us to operate safely. We have selected them in our guide to enable everyone to buy without risks and worries.