The Crypto Crash Explained – Why Ripple (XRP) and Firepin (FRPN) Could Explode

As the reports of high inflation litter the news, with prospects of a crypto winter and economic downturn a real possibility, many institutions are exiting their position amidst fear that they will face margin calls.

Most hedge funds and investment banks will trade on margin, meaning they can purchase more of an asset than they have the capital for as their total net worth will cover the risk associated. This enables the possibility of higher yields as more liquidity is available for trading, however, there is greater risk associated. For example, if the market were to take a dive and the total net worth of an institution is not large enough to maintain the position a margin call will occur and automatically close the account at a large loss.

With institutions fearing margin calls may be beckoning, many have decided to withdraw their assets in the crypto market to provide security and avoid heavy losses. However, what is encouraging for the crypto market is that retail investors are buying the dip at substantial rates, and although the price of the crypto market is decreasing, overall sentiment has never been more positive. Retail investors are buying the dip that institutions are offering, and so could you.

SEC’s Lawsuit Against Ripple Looks to be Coming to an End

Nearly 18 months ago the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple (XRP) claiming their token met the requirements for a security and thus, acting without a licence. However, as the case is reaching its climax it’s looking more and more likely that the SEC is batting with a hole and an outcome that will only fuel further confidence in crypto dominating for years to come.

This is great news for Ripple as their native coin has tumbled back in 2020 following the lawsuit, despite many believing that Ripple (XRP) is positioned as the leading player within the payments and settlements industry. Although the uncertainty has stifled their growth and expansion plans have largely been put on hold, confidence has never been higher internally at Ripple with their CEO announcing plans to go public upon the conclusion of the lawsuit.

Being one of the giants within the crypto space XRP will likely explode upon a positive result in the courts and act as a good hedge against inflation in the market. Moreover, while stagnation among some coins may be prevalent for some time within this bear market, XRP offers the prospect to see high yield returns, either as a swing trade or a long-term addition to your portfolio given the quality infrastructure and product offerings they possess.

As the price of Ripple is undervalued relative to the potential that its services and technology offer, it is one crypto to watch as a top performer this year.

The Metaverse Shows No Signs of Slowing This Winter

The markets may be down but the adoption and continuation of developments into the Metaverse show no signs of slowing. Many projects are still receiving large investments from VC’s and private firms, with little sign of a downturn in the activities that will transfer Web 2.0 into Web 3.0.

One project that has been gathering the attention of many investors is Metaverse Unicorn Firepin Token (FRPN). So what is Firepin (FRPN) and why has its current presale been one of the most successful Metaverse projects of the year?

Firepin is a community-led DAO platform that looks to integrate the world of VR, gaming, and other content into the Metaverse. The project is developing its Game Development Studio, where users can create content that will be used across Metaverse gaming and will supplement the product through its NFT marketplace. The marketplace will be cross-asset and cross-chain compatible and users can trade and swap using their native token FRPN.

The platform is being launched on the 27th of June where it will go live for trading across DEX’s, but if you want to own a piece of Firepin before launch there is still time to do so via its presale. Buying in presale offers investors a chance to get the token at a discounted price, particularly when there is positive sentiment surrounding the project.

With the Metaverse looking like the next step for the world of gaming and VR the crypto winter will not be slowing down developments any time soon.

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